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It is an old human wish to fly freely in the sky.

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What is skydiving?

Skydiving refers to an aviation sport in which a parachute is worn, climbed to a high sky using an aircraft or instrument, jumped into the air, performed a planned operation while freely descending, and then opened a parachute at a specified altitude and lands safely on the ground.
Skydiving is jumping from an airplane with a parachute, not just falling or falling, but humans flying in the sky. Usually, jumping from 3-4,000 meters above means flying for 45 seconds-1 minute to 800 meters, which is the safe altitude for opening a parachute. There are cases where they just descend vertically in this short time, but in that case, beginners practice balancing their bodies, and they usually descend by making various shapes that are pre-arranged with other colleagues.
To meet each other in the air, you need not only vertical movement, but horizontal movement, all of which are skyIt is determined by the posture and movement of Eve’s arms, legs, and body. It is said that it is not a fall because it adjusts the descent speed according to the change in posture and moves horizontally to the front, back, left, and right.
The skydiving speed is maintained at an average speed of 180 kilometers per hour in the case of a basic posture during a free fall. The maximum speed can be up to 300 kilometers depending on the posture. The posture that followed in the movie “High Penetration”. And, after the parachute is opened, it descends at a speed of about 30km in the case of windless. Of course, there are differences depending on the type of parachute, adjustment method, wind direction, wind speed, etc.
Skydiving activities in Korea are available at the Korea Skydiving Association under the Korean Air Association. In order to go skydiving, you must join the Korea Skydiving Association and complete school education at an educational institution affiliated with the association It is possible to carry out moving activities, and descent activities are mainly carried out in Misari.
When skydiving, two parachutes are worn, one is a spare when the main parachute does not unfold, and today’s rectangular parachute is safer than riding a motorcycle, with the possibility that both parachutes do not unfold at around 150,000 branches.
The preliminary parachute is equipped with an automatic spreader (AAD) that automatically spreads out in case it cannot be unfolded even at a certain altitude, so the probability of an accident is much lower, and an altimeter that informs the altitude and an alarm that informs the altitude by sound.
Many people mistakenly believe that a good skydiver is one who stretches at the lowest altitude, but in any case, it is regulated and educated to open a parachute at an altitude of more than 800 meters (2,500 feet).

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Skydiving Education Method

Static Line

As a traditional method of skydiving, trainees who have completed ground training wear training equipment with a parachute-opening device called “Lifeline (S/L)” and leave at approximately 4,500 ft.
The parachute is opened by a lifeline regardless of whether the trainee is open or not, but at this time, practice opening with a mock opening handle, and focus on posture and opening the mock opening handle. Trainees who are confident and have a stable open posture do J&P (Jump & Pull) by removing the lifeline from the parachute and leaving the aircraft to open the parachute themselves in three seconds.
Trainees increase their free fall time as they increase their altitude, and when the trainer descends and observes together, they complete the training when they can deviate from an altitude of more than 10,000 ft to perform a stable free fall posture, accurate opening at a promised altitude, and safe landing. Although there are differences between individuals, they usually complete after 20 to 30 drops.

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Two-seater descent (Tandem) method

As an educational method for beginners, two-seater instructors wear two-seater parachutes and connect ground-trained trainees with special bracelets to experience the highest free-fall speed and altitude in a short period of time.

$ 2,400

7 Days

Attribute Free-Fall (AFF)

A beginner is a professional skier in the shortest timean efficient method of education that can be nurtured by eber A training method in which two free-fall instructors are located on both sides of the trainee to perform the promised action while descending together at an altitude of more than 10,000 ft.
This educational method usually consists of seven stages for each stage of educational content. If you pass all stages, you will complete the basic education, but if you fail to pass each stage, you will continue to repeat the same grade until you pass. At first, two instructors descend together, one instructor descends together from a certain stage, and it is a method of educating by hand signals while maintaining a close distance from trainees.
In order to skydive, you must contact an educational institution under the Korea Skydiving Association and receive an educational schedule. The total training time is 15 hours, and theory and ground education are conducted. Ground education includes safety education such as posture when it is strong, emergency measures in the event of an accident, and parachute folding (packaging). Before entering an educational institution, you must first register as a member of the Korea Skydiving Association.

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